In a future where there's no future, one pilot tries to give a message in a journey that seems to have no end.

This is a game made with my friend Andreu Carrasquet (Itch.ioArtstation)as a class project. We started to develop it in class and we finished it during a week of holidays with an excellent result, considering that it is our first full game with Unity.  I had the role of programmer. I used C# and the library of Unity while my friend took on the artistic features of the game using Photoshop.

I hope you enjoy the game and I wish you good luck out there in the space!

All comments will be appreciated and tell me if you pass my High Score, which is 6780.

Install instructions

It's easy to install! Just download the .rar, extract it and in the new folder click on the .exe file to enjoy our game!


StartdustInvaders_Build.rar 37 MB

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