An old adventurer must sell his life  to gain abilities which will allow him to achieve inmortality.

This is the result of our work in our first Ludum Dare. The topic was "Life is your Currency", so we thought about using literally that line to develop the game idea.

We meet at the house of one of the team members and the experience of being three in the same room, thinking and designing a game, is one of the best experiences I had in a while.

Thanks to our artists: Andreu Carrasquet (, Artstation) and Miguel Angel Merino (Artstation), we were able to make this prototype in 24 hours straight with a satisfying result and we hope you enjoy it.

Any comments will be read.

Install instructions

It's easy to install! Just download the .rar, extract it and in the new folder click on the .exe file to enjoy our game!


Life is Currency.rar 16 MB

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