In an abandoned excavation we find the ruins of a Far West city and its remain villagers. Our protagonist must survive againts a bunch of Zombie Minners with every source this excavation could hide.

This is our current project in which my team and I are involved. In class, our teacher asked us to make a FPS and we decided to make it like any Call of Duty Zombies map, and our favourite is buried from Black Ops 2.

As always, I am working with my team of artists Andreu Carrasquet (, Artstation) and Miguel Angel Merino (Artstation) and I am the programmer of this project.


R - reload Left Mouse - shoot
Central Mouse - Change gun
F - Interact
LShift - run
Spacebar - jump
WASD - Movement

Comments are always apreciated and enjoy our most ambitious game until now!


Not 31 MB


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Amazing job have you done. I hope to see more proyects soon!!